A rejuvenating approach to women’s health and wellness combined with ThermiVa technology, focused on the natural results of aging.

The issues

The ThermiVa technology used with the SerréV treatment approach is sensitive and shines a line on a woman’s inner-most insecurities. Competitor websites broadcasted this, but the target market for this approach was more sophisticated and discrete.

It was important not to inundate the consumer with a wealth of information or blast the reason behind the website out right. The website is tucked in and formal, but still provides a nice showcase of interaction.

Hidden Navigation

Smooth animations

Cross-browser compliant

Small details with a big impression

While the website may not seem like it offers much, consumers who are dubbed “the researcher” are able to read about the techniques used and holistic approach that comes directly from a doctor.

Consumers are able to take an interactive quiz to determine whether or not they should pursue this idea. And finally, they can review the testimonials and meet the doctor himself.

This takes care of what consumers generally want to know before making a commitment, but the website is also coupled with excellent search engine optimization as well as its own marketing department in order to gain new consumers.