Treehive Syrup

None of that fake, processed, high-fructose corn syrup. No one has combined these ingredients before.

Loud & Proud

A business that was sheltered within a family for years, Treehive needed a website that would finally get them out there and to consumers

The must-have's

The design throughout is rich and loud with large, custom imagery and bold text.

We wanted to make sure that potential customers didn’t miss this; and with new animations and larger-than-life text, it’s doubtful they will.

The primary purpose of the website is to drive sales and promote awareness. This theme can be noticed throughout.

Testimonials are often made up, boring, or missed entirely unless the customer already has an interested in trying your product. With Treehive, the testimonials are 100% accurate and important to show in order to drive the brand awareness.

An existing blog was already setup and in use on a separate platform (Tumblr.) The blog didn’t need to be encompassed with the website, but did need to be featured. An integration with Tumblr allowed recent blog posts to be shown in order, with additional options to visit the blog directly.


The website integrates directly with PayPal in order to provide easy purchasing without a whole backend dedicated to eCommerce.

Just select your quantity, your total will calculate, and you’ll be sent to the secured PayPal portal for completion of purchase.

100% Responsive

Touch screen compatible

CSS3 animations